Michal Eshel

My name is Michal Eshel. I was born in 1952, married to Doron Eshel and mother to Amitay and Gilad.  I moved to "the village of roses" (Kfar Vradim) located in the Western Galilee in 1997.

I chose to live in the Galilee because the Galilee symbolizes in my eyes everything that is beautiful about Israel. Good people, beautiful nature and an atmosphere second to none. We chose to build our lives and raise our children in this magical place.

As an artist, I draw inspiration from the environment and what touches me in my life.

I chose to create out of the earth and nature and out of connection to them.

The works consist of natural and Galili atmosphere, femininity and usable household dishes, designed to give the feeling of a warm home in the middle of the Galilee

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